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The Tribes of Redwall: Shrews

Written by Brian Jacques
Illustrated by (Jonathan Walker probable)

The Tribes of Redwall is a companion series to Redwall. The Tribes of Redwall: Shrews is the fifth book in the series (the first four being Badgers, Otters, Mice, and Hares). The companion (similar to the Redwall Riddler and Friend & Foe) will contain information on the main shrew characters from throughout the series, a quiz, and a poster.

Which tribe the sixth book will showcase has not been announced yet, although the list of candidates is narrowing (squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, voles, and birds would seemingly round out the Woodlander category). A Tribes book will be released each year to coincide with the latest Redwall novel. As of yet there is no word regarding how many Tribes books there will be.

Shrews is slated to be released on June 2nd, 2005 in the UK and the following February/March ('06) in the US.

Cover Art

  - Brian Jacques
  - Jonathan Walker probable
Release Date
  - UK: 6/2/05*
  - US: 3/06*
Page Count
  - N/A
  - 0099414171
  - None

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