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Redwall Sculptures

Sculpted by Julie London
Distributed by

Image from

Redwall Sculptures are now available, courtesy of (formerly Second Story Studios & London Chance Studios). The sculptures (seen above) are modeled after the artwork of Troy Howell and were created by sculptress Julie London.

The sculptures vary in size (as seen in the picture)-- Martin the Warrior stands six inches in height. Five sculptures in all are available: Martin the Warrior, Matthias, Grumm, Laterose, and Bungo the Molebabe.

While there were once plans to create twenty-one character sculptures, that is no longer the case. Ms. London has been diagnosed with early-Parkinson's Disease and will not be producing any more sculptures for the series, making the initial five the complete collection.

Only 800 sculptures exist world-wide for each character. Roughly 300 of each remain in-stock at

Each sculpture is numbered and priced as follows:
Martin the Warrior - $29.99
Matthias - $28.80
Grumm - $13.50
Laterose - $14.00
Bungo - $9.00

To see Troy Howell's covers (from which many of the sculptures are based) visit The Redwall Bookshelf section of The Long Patrol.

You can place an order by visiting their website.

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