The Tribes of Redwall


Art by Peter Standley

Written by Brian Jacques

Illustrated by Peter Standley & Jonathan Walker

The Tribes of Redwall was a companion series to Redwall from 2001 thru 2005, similar to The Redwall Map & Redwall Riddler and the Redwall Friend & Foe.  Three entries to the series were released:

The series was slated to have at least two more entries, the fourth being Hares and the fifth listed as first Shrews, then later Squirrels.  However, none of these entries were ever released, most likely due to Random House UK losing the publishing rights for the Redwall series to Penguin (the companions were usually instigated by Red Fox, an imprint of Random House).

The companions typically contained information on the main characters for the spotlighted species from throughout the series, as well as a quiz and a fold-out poster featuring the same prominent characters.

Given the publisher change and the fact that the project has lain dormant for years, it is extremely unlikely that The Tribes of Redwall will resume release.

About the Author

Martin has been active in Redwall fandom for many years, founding The Long Patrol in 1996, The Redwall Newsline in 1997, and RWTV: Redwall on TV in 2001. He will be covering Redwall news as long as there is Redwall news to cover.