A ‘Rogue Crew’ Preview

Art by Troy Howell

The Redwall Newsline has been provided with an advance, uncorrected proof of the next (and likely final) Redwall book, The Rogue Crew.

As I sit here, holding it in my hands, I’m almost reticent to open it, because it can be the last time I ever get to open a completely new Redwall book by Brian Jacques.  Having dived right in to sixteen “new” Redwall books since founding my sites, none of them ever carried the sense of finality that The Rogue Crew does, in the wake of Brian’s death.

Because of this, I will be reading the book slowly.  I want to savor every leg of the journey through Mossflower Country and beyond, because this is the last time Brian will ever be our tour guide.  To race through it for the sake of a news post is unthinkable to me.

In the meantime, however, here are some statistics and teasers.  First, the book numbers 35 chapters, plus an epilogue.  The final page count is 387, although the information on the back of the galley provides a count of 416 (ignore that count, as in my experience they’re always within a few pages of the galley).  Sean Rubin’s illustrations are fantastic and varied.

The book is dedicated to Brian’s brother, Jimmy Jacques, whom he refers to as “a great pal who is also an outstanding brother”. Jimmy was also part of the 1960′s folk group The Liverpool Fishermen along with Brian and their other brother, Tony.

The jacket text is the same summary that was posted by Redwall.org, and the back once again outlines Philomel’s national marketing campaign.  Sadly still listed is a two-week national author tour.

The following paragraphs will reveal sub-book titles and character names, so if you do not want any part of the book spoiled, stop reading!

The titles of the sub-books of The Rogue Crew are:

  • Book One: A Small Glutton’s Dream
  • Book Two: Enter the Rogue Crew!
  • Book Three: All Forward to Redwall!

Character-wise, instead of a Badger Lord, we find a new Badger Lady of Salamandastron, Lady Violet Wildstripe.  Redwall’s Abbot is named Thibb. There is a Colour Sergeant Nubbs Miggory, a Queen Dukwina Drampik of the Bloodrippers, and a Jum Gurdy.  On Sean Rubin’s map, we see references to Pigmy Shrews, Sand Lizards, Uncle Wullow, and Bats.

The Newsline anticipates posting a review of the book sometime in March.  Until then, we hope you enjoyed the early look at The Rogue Crew, in stores May 3rd!

Lady Violet by Sean Rubin

Vermin Crew by Sean Rubin

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