The Sable Quean is coming to paperback

Art by Troy Howell

The penultimate Redwall novel, The Sable Quean, is only two months away from hitting paperback.  The story of a Salamandastron blademaster and a dibbun-snatching Quean, the novel doesn’t disappoint.  It also marked the debut of new interior illustrator, Sean Rubin (audio book cover artist and once-official artist for

The release will be from Ace, in the distinctive bordered style that has graced the paperback editions since Martin the Warrior.  A Firebird paperback is expected to follow sometime in the next year.

The Sable Quean paperback hits bookshelves April 26th, 2011.  If you haven’t read it yet, mark your calendars!

About Martin the Warrior

Martin has been active in Redwall fandom for many years, founding The Long Patrol in 1996, The Redwall Newsline in 1997, and RWTV: Redwall on TV in 2001. He will be covering Redwall news as long as there is Redwall news to cover.