The Redwall Newsline relaunches

Greetings, Newsline readers!

As you’ve doubtless noticed by now, The Redwall Newsline has undergone some significant changes.  The entire site has been converted into a more polished and interactive experience for you.  To start with, the site is now powered by WordPress, which allows for faster updating, more streamlined stories, and interaction with you, the reader.

The Newsline’s former design saw it stretched between it’s actual home here at and a sub-forum on The Long Patrol Forums. No more.  Each article is now stored locally in a searchable archive.

In addition, you, the reader, are now free to post comments on the news articles and offer your reaction to the latest Redwall news. Commenters’ very first posts will have to be approved, but comments will be automatic thereafter. Feel free to use this post for that purpose.

The new site is fully integrated with Twitter (you can find us @RedwallNewsline) and new articles will automatically be tweeted to followers. You can also find an RSS feed for your convenience.

While we are still working out a few of the kinks with the new format and absorbing old news stories into the Archive, we hope you’ll enjoy the new Redwall Newsline!

About Martin the Warrior

Martin has been active in Redwall fandom for many years, founding The Long Patrol in 1996, The Redwall Newsline in 1997, and RWTV: Redwall on TV in 2001. He will be covering Redwall news as long as there is Redwall news to cover.